Kontrol Example

How to run property tests with Kontrol

Create a new Foundry project

forge init kontrolexample

This command creates a new Foundry project that serves as an example. The project's structure is explained in detail in the Foundry book. Currently, we can only perform fuzzing on parametric tests because the project is not configured to support symbolic execution. We will discuss this topic later in Property Verification using Kontrol. With the project created, we will install Kontrol cheatcodes and then begin editing the code.

Install Kontrol cheatcodes

To use Kontrol cheatcodes, we need to install a new Solidity library required for symbolic execution. First, navigate into the project directory. Then you can install it with Foundry by running the following command:

forge install runtimeverification/kontrol-cheatcodes

These cheatcodes enable us to generalize the storage of an Ethereum account by making it symbolic or by allowing any type of call, such as a delegatecall.

Adding custom cheatcodes will prevent us from running the tests with forge test, as forge will not recognize these cheatcodes.

With the project created and the Kontrol cheatcodes installed we can begin editing the code.

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