Revolutionize your K framework experience

Introducing KaaS (K as a Service), a cloud-based solution designed to enhance the K framework experience. KaaS is engineered to introduce new features, streamline operations, and foster collaboration among teams. By leveraging caching proofs and remote computation, it eliminates redundant processes, saving your team precious time.

KaaS integrates seamlessly with continuous integration (CI) systems, allowing developers to pull the latest cached results and bypass repetitive computations. It's a perfect solution for internal teams, centralizing shared computational results for improved collaboration.

For data management, KaaS employs AWS S3, offering reliable and secure storage. User access is protected through JWT tokens and unique project keys, ensuring your data's safety. Additionally, KaaS provides a robust Command Line Interface (CLI) with commands for efficient cache management and user sessions.

With KaaS, our vision is to make the K framework more accessible to users, serving as the perfect entry point for anyone looking to leverage the power of the K framework

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