Getting started

Step-by-step Guidance on Using the Tool

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use KaaS. You can use KaaS in two ways: as an authorized user or by providing a token. As an authorized user, you can simplify command execution and avoid specifying flags for the vault and token. To access someone else's project, you'll need to provide a key and a unique project identifier.

Using the CLI


You can refer to Login Guide for the detailed guide on how to log on to the CLI.

Configuring the CLI

Configuring the CLI, while not mandatory, can enhance your user experience. Here are the methods:

  • Directly Edit .flaskenv: Modify this file to set your preferences.

  • Setting Environment Variables: Configure environment variables in your terminal for temporary settings.

Uploading and Downloading Proofs within the Default Vault

Use Cases:

  • CI Optimization: Minimize redundant computations in your CI pipeline by executing them remotely and downloading results as needed.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Sharing of computation results among team members.

  • Simplified Debugging: Facilitate storage and sharing of execution results to help troubleshoot failures.

CLI Commands:

The main commands for these tasks are kaas-cli upload and kaas-cli download.

You will need to be logged in to use these commands. For more information, see the Login Guide page.

kaas-cli upload:

  1. Verifies login status.

  2. Uploads files from your default vault to the corresponding S3 location.

kaas-cli download:

  1. Verifies login status.

  2. Download updates from S3 to your local machine.

Uploading and Downloading Proofs within the Vault ID and Token

This section does not require configuration or login, so the previous steps can be disregarded.

We need the Token ID and Vault ID associated with the vault to upload and download project artifacts.

To obtain Vault ID run:

kaas-cli list-vaults

The id from the output is your Vault ID. The expected output is:

{'id': 'ed8f795e-9d9f-4314-a2cc-8b823be2bcba', 'name': 'Default Vault', 'userId': '19416734', 'createdAt': '2024-05-01T18:13:11.529Z', 'updatedAt': '2024-05-01T18:13:11.529Z', 'deletedAt': None, 'user': {owner data}}

We can use a dashboard to view, create, and revoke keys. Go to the kaas dashboard and click Manage vault access button next to a selected vault.

Once you have them, replace xxx with your actual Vault ID and Token ID. Use the following command for uploading:

kaas-cli upload --token xxx --vault xxx --directory ./kout

For downloading, use:

kaas-cli download --token xxx --vault xxx --directory ./kout

Use the command kaas-cli --help to see all available flags.

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