Login Guide


To login run the following command:

kaas-cli login

You will be prompted with this message:

Your user code: A111-B333
Open the link and type your code: https://github.com/login/device
Then hit 'Enter'.
Press Enter to continue or type 'q' to quit: 

Follow the link in the browser, and you will see the following window:

Copy the code from the terminal and paste it into the browser. Then click "Continue." After the code is confirmed, click the "Authorize runtimeverification" button.

You will then see the message below.

You can now return to the terminal where the cli is open and click "Enter." You will see this message:

You pressed Enter. The application continues...
Access token received. We store it in the cache folder.

To confirm that you are logged in, run the following command:

kaas-cli check-auth

If you are logged in you will see the following output in your terminal:

You are currently authenticated.

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