After successfully setting up and logging into the CLI, you can view and download all previous versions of artifacts.


To view a list of available versions for specific Vault ID use this command:

 kaas-cli list-versions <Vault_ID>

The output will be similar to this:

    "xxx/": {
        "key": "xxx/",
        "url": "",
        "lastModified": "2022-02-02T22:22:11.000Z"

You can run a simple curl command or download it in the browser or download the cached files using the CLI tool. To do this, run the following command where <xxx/> is a key from the previous command:

kaas-cli download xxx/

Web view

The webpage provides a list of available versions. To access this information, navigate to your "Dashboard" and click the eye button next to your preferred project.

You will be redirected to a page with all available caches within the vault.

Click the "Download" button to see the CLI command or download it in the browser.

Version generation

To determine which version should be set to the file, we use the digest file within the out folder generated by the kontrol. Here is an example of a digest file.

    "kompilation": "xxxx",
    "foundry": "xxxx",
    "methods": {
        "test%kontrol%proofs%DummyTest.prove_fail()": {
            "method": "xxxx",
            "contract": "xxxx"
         "test%kontrol%proofs%DummyTest2.prove_fail()": {
            "method": "xxxx",
            "contract": "xxxx"

Each time the kompilation or foundry changes it generates new version. If you try to upload the same version twice, it will override cached files with the same key if they exist.

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