Set up CI

This guide will walk you through setting up your CI to upload and download proofs using the kaas-cli tool.

Once set up in your CI pipeline, new proofs will be uploaded automatically with each build, and the latest set of proofs will be downloaded for use in your verification jobs.

First, make sure you have kaas-cli installed. You can find instructions here: Installation.

Obtain your Vault ID and Token

To list your vaults you will run the following command:

kaas-cli list-vaults

The output will include your Vaults, which will be the id value. Your vault key will be provided separately and it is important to keep that secure.

To obtain a token use Vault ID from previous step

kaas-cli list-keys xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Set Environment Variables

Use the following command to set the environment variables in your CI system each time you run CLI (make sure you add your vault ID and vault token):

SERVER_URL=<kaas server url> DEFAULT_VAULT_ID=<your vault id> DEFAULT_KEY=<your vault key token> kaas-cli <command>

To persist environment variables run the export command:

SERVER_URL - is optional and used mainly for development.

export DEFAULT_VAULT_ID=<your vault id>
export DEFAULT_KEY=<your vault key token>
export DEFAULT_DIRECTORY=<your default folder for proofs>

export SERVER_URL=<kaas server url> # optional, for development

After export you can run:

kaas-cli <command>

Upload Proofs

To upload proofs in CI:

 kaas-cli upload --token $KAAS_TOKEN --vault $KAAS_VAULT_ID

This will upload all files from the current directory to your KaaS vault.

Download Proofs

To download proofs in CI:

kaas-cli download --token $KAAS_TOKEN --vault $KAAS_VAULT_ID

You can also specify a subdirectory to upload/download to/from using the --directory or -d flag. See the example below:

kaas-cli upload -d ./kout 
kaas-cli download -d ./kout

Specifying a subdirectory is optional.


To verify authentication is working before uploading/downloading you can run the following command:

kaas-cli check-auth

Confirm the message:

You are currently authenticated.


  • Keep your vault token secure. Set it as a secret environment variable in your CI system.

  • Run the upload/download commands from the directory containing your ./kout folder.

  • Check for non-zero exit codes in CI and fail the build if needed.

  • Reach out to the KaaS team if you have any issues with authentication or need assistance.

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